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Kajetany Nadarzyn , al. Katowicka 117
tel.: 022 739 60 00 , fax: 022 739 60 01
e-mail.: kontakt@3mespe.pl
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What should patients associate the 3M brand with?

The American 3M Corporation offers over 50,000 products, the majority of them are known mainly to professionals in various sectors, for we supply essential materials for industry, road construction, offices, households and also for medicine, including dentistry and orthodontics. The brand 3M is primarily associated with high quality and innovation. The majority are products components, instruments and systems, with which professionals may work better, faster and in a more modern way. We say that 3M did not discover the wheel, but it did discover a thousand incidentals, which make the wheel useful... 3M produces horizontal and vertical roadsigns from reflective materials, visible at night at a distance of several kilometres, 3M adhesive products are applied to the joining of equipment elements where because of the extreme conditions standard joining may not be applied (i.e. ovens, aircraft), in masks protecting the breathing system of working miners, shipbuilders and … doctors. LCD screens are covered in 3M foil improving the image reception parameters. 3M produces Viscoplast dressings, Littman™ brand stethoscopes for the necks of doctors, self sticking yellow Post it® cards, … and many more products besides. Generally there is a lack of a common denominator, but the "incubator" of each 3M product is one of a dozen or so 3M innovative technological platforms, such as micro replication and nanotechnology.
In Poland there are available 600 high-class, modern materials and equipment for dentistry produced by 3M ESPE. Normally the patient does not ask a dentist about the type of product, particularly the producer of the given filling, he has confidence in the procedure applied, and primarily in the knowledge and experience of the doctor. Each dental doctor, who cares for the well-being of the patient and also his own working convenience knows that to avoid complications, oversensitivity, repeated visits, and that so the treatment would be short and as pain-free as possible for the patient and also give the desired therapeutic and aesthetic effect, it is necessary to apply modern products. It is necessary that such products should be proven in many clinical trials conducted by academics scientific centres and also generally applied by practising dentists all over the world..
The 3M ESPE brand in the dentists cabinet is the guarantee of high quality products and patient comfort and safety and primarily fastest possible pain-free and simultaneously highly effective and aesthetic treatment.
What is the operational concept of 3M in Poland?
3M ESPE products are known and generally applied by dentists all over the world. In Poland we take care that the products of 3M ESPE with which a dentist in the USA or anywhere else in Europe works are also available in Poland. Year after year the firm introduces new products to the market, which are the result of the work of 3M scientists, academics scientific centres and consultations with practising dentists. In 2007 we will offer dentists 6 new products, which create new possibilities for patient treatment and improving the work of the dentist.
We have received their positive scientific evaluation, but… no 3M product may be launched on the market without consultation with practitioners. Before novelties are seen on the shelves of dental suppliers they are pre-tested by dentists, also by groups of doctors in Poland. One of the basic aims with the activity of the firm in Poland is not only to provide professional product information, but primarily to propose solutions systems and dental procedure optimisation.
We organise many training workshops the dentists, beginning with lectures from recognised foreign authorities, through lectures and practical workshops, conducted by dental doctors using the best dental practices and having the greatest experience in the application of modern procedures.
Which 3M products enjoy the most interes from dentists?

The most popular of the products most often applied and so the Filtek composites, Ketac glass ionomers, Sof-Lex discs or Express and Impregum extrusion mass. Many doctors choose Ubistesin anaesthetics, as the safest and most effective for the patient. The list of products is truly long, we have many dentists who are entirely satisfied with 3M ESPE products and use many of these products every day.
How interested are Polish dentists in modern materials?
We are particularly pleased with the interest of dentists in the products and the procedures, which are the latest achievement of the 3M ESPE scientific team, such as: RelyX Unicem self-adhesive cement, or Filtek Supreme – composite with nano-filler. Modern products must have a definite advantage in relation to the old ones, they must be simple and quick in dental work, and simultaneously have a definite therapeutic benefit for the patient. In the case of Unicem it is a simplified and shortened procedure of cementing prosthetics, which reduces the time taken by over half, while retaining adhesion strength parameters, Filtek Supreme due to the nano filling properties guarantees patients particularly aesthetic (that is invisible) and long-lasting fillings.
3M ESPE is currently dedicating much time to the popularisation of the Lava system - for ceramic crowns and bridges executed in CAD/CAM digital technology, guaranteeing patients with the highest (that is virtually natural) aesthetic prosthetics with simultaneously an ideal fit (no micro leaks) and mechanical properties (resistance regardless of the greatest chewing force). This system is considered one of the best in the world. Now the first authorised Lava Fitting Centre has opened in Poland, where apart from the design and execution of substructures, one may obtain complete practical information.
What are the firms plans for development in Poland?
3M ESPE is developing very dynamically, new materials are introduced to the Polish market in parallel with their debut in other countries of Europe. We will also offer new products derived from alliances with other firms in the dental sector, which offer excellent modern products, but are unable to gain access with information on their own products to the broad community of dentists in many countries. 3M ESPE will invest in the newest technological solutions, which perfectly supplement current the offer e.g. for prosthetic doctors -at the IDS trade fair in Cologne the newest intra mouth scanner was presented. 3M ESPE will also develop in the areas of prevention and dental prophylactics, by extending its offer of products
and professional mouth cavity hygiene.


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